Survey Says……

One of my favorite television shows is Family Feud.  I love hearing the hilarious responses that one hundred people who are surveyed give in response to the posed question.  Who are these folks and where to they come up with such ideas?  In addition to giving me a good laugh, the show reminds me how interesting it is to hear different perspectives and learn more about how people think.

In line with wanting to understand more about what people think, COHERE conducted an on-line survey after the October, 2012 conference held in Calgary.  Overall, the feedback from participants was spectacular.  89% thought that the venue was appropriate, 97% thought that the cost was good and 100% indicated that the event was well run and organized.  Specific ideas were also shared about potential topics and focus for the 2013 conference.  In addition, as the old saying goes, one must always think about “location, location, location.”  Some participants loved the Calgary airport location where others would have preferred to be more centrally located in the downtown area of the city.

This brings to mind the following question:  where do you want to locate yourself?  Where do you want to spend your time and energy this year?  Where to do want your mental space to be?  Do you want to strive to be positive and approach your life with a zest and energy that others can learn from?  Can your “location” be contagious and be something that inspires others?  As educators, I believe that we must give careful thought to our “location” and the impact that this has on those we share our space (both physical and mental) with.

COHERE hopes that you will find yourself located at our 2013 conference in Vancouver (October 24 – 25th) and it is my wish that wherever you are located as you read this, that 2013 brings you an abundance of joy and happiness.

Melanie Peacock

Associate Professor, Mount Royal University

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