COHERE is a collaboration of universities focusing on the research and practice of blended and online learning within higher education. Blended learning is the strategic intertwining of face to face and on-line experiences intended to cultivate specific learning outcomes.

(Dyjur, Peacock & Singh, 2012)

COHERE Background

Collaboration established in 1999 with an MOU signed at the provost level with six founding members  1999-2002

  • Integration of online learning into the research agenda of institution, faculty development, improved student experience
  • Steering Group VPA and Project Directors Operational Group (appointed through VPA)
  • University of Waterloo, University of Alberta, Simon Fraser University, University of Saskatchewan,York University  and Dalhousie.
  • Annual membership $5000. Secretariat University of Waterloo , Budget at York
  • Received a one-time  $100,000 Industry Canada Grant Learning Objects Repository
  • Monthly audioconference, annual face to face meeting October

Secretariat moved to U of S in 2002-2004

  • Single Focus on blended learning
  • Changes in steering group decreased involvement
  • Budget remained at York under Associate VPA
  • University of Calgary and University of Manitoba joined the collaboration
  • Dalhousie University left the collaboration
  • Membership fees reduced to $3000
  • Policy Paper Blended Learning 2002
  • Blended Learning Case Studies  2004
  • Collaborative Course  Canadian Studies First Year   2004 ( SFU and U of M)
  • CHERD monograph 2004
  • CJUCE Special Issue
  • Article in CJLT  – COHERE Group

Secretariat moved to U of M in 2004- Present

  • Continued Focus on Blended Learning
  • Steering Group no longer involved 2008
  • Budget moved to U of M
  • Initiated Blended Learning Conferences 2006 in collaboration with CSSHE since 2007
  • Membership fees reduced to $1000
  • Membership additions: University of Lethbridge, Mount Royal, McEwan, Athabasca, University of Regina, Memorial, Empire State University, DeVry, and Kwantlen